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My father and I built a fence together when I was 15 years old, sparking a life long passion in me to build. I've been remodeling in Seattle since 2003. I was lucky to settle into a company large enough to have some epic projects, yet small enough that I was able to get hands on experience in virtually every aspect of residential remodeling. Carpentry and tile setting are two of my favorite creative outlets; I take great pride in figuring out how to achieve a better result every single time I start a new project. Every day is a good day to help someone improve their home.

                                                                                        I look forward to hearing from you, Rob

Although daunting, nothing may be more exciting than the prospect of creating your dream space, I can help guide you through the seemingly endless maze of decisions and choices that come at you during the process. Helping to ensure you get a finished product that exceeds your expectations.
When only part of your house needs an update is when the real fun begins! Making the new fit seamlessly with the old is a  challenge every time. My strongest skill is problem solving, and conducting a remodel project allows me plenty of opportunities to shine. Together we can create that "perfect space" you've always wanted.
It never ends! Whether it's brand new and only needs routine maintainance to keep it that way, or older and is in need of a little love, every house can benefit from a quality craftsman to make sure it's in peak condition to ensure comfort and also retain maximum resale value.

Rob Cockerill came highly recomended by Dunn Lumber in Seattle. He made it so easy for us....after calling him and explaining what we were looking for, he came out and gave us a bid (which was very affordable). we were looking to replace a damaged facade of our third floor balcony 20' x 4'. After I ordered the materials, he even picked them up and delivered them to my house free of charge. The project was on time as promised, and the result is better than the origional! in fact at the end of the job it cost less than expected. He gets a AAA rating from us. He is an excelent reliable trustworthy and honest person whom I highly recomend!

   Gennady Filimonov member of    Seattle Symphony Orchestra.



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